Examples & Exercises

We provide a course to accompany the book, so you can write Kotlin code to solve simple tasks while reading the text.

The course consists of exercises you complete after reading each atom. The solutions are checked automatically, and your progress is stored. You can solve the exercises either online or in IntelliJ Idea Edu , which is a version of IntelliJ Idea designed for learning.

Whenever you’re logged in, your progress is stored and shared between the online version and the IntelliJ Idea Edu version , so you can easily switch between them. We recommend using IntelliJ Idea Edu to learn how the IDE works. Throughout the book, we give advice on how to get the best from the IDE.

The Online Version

The examples and exercises online can be found here:

The IntelliJ Idea Edu Version

The detailed description of how to install IntelliJ Idea Edu, open the course for Atomic Kotlin and work on it can be found here:

The Github Repository

While writing this book, we created tools to automatically extract the book’s examples and create Gradle build files to compile and run all the examples, in order to test and verify them. You can download the examples and test them by following the detailed instructions on the Github Repository. Note, however, that this repository doesn’t contain exercises—those can be found through AtomicKotlin.com.

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